What is Rolling Couch?

Rolling Couch is a hub for all who enjoy watching or performing high-quality talent. It cuts out the noise of the internet and presents artists new and accomplished who have aced their talents, so what you watch is pure quality entertainment!

It is a professional stage to feature artists on, and a social hub for viewers to enjoy either live events or recorded videos. Now you can follow your favourite artist’s work or browse and discover upcoming talent, watch their videos, their live performances or their pre-recorded shows all in the same app.

If you don’t follow an artist but you follow a favourite club that hosts some of your favourite shows, you can tune into that as well for the evening.

What’s more? Not only do you get to watch these shows, you can also host watch parties with your friends, and interact with each other as well as the artists & celebrities - all in one place!


We cover multiple genres of talent & entertainment ranging from

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Features - Highlights of Rolling Couch

Live Shows [events & shows lined up from a multitude of artists & celebrities all throughout the year to be aired on the app live] and Videos [a specially organized library of shows & performances available 24x7 for binge-watching]


Live interaction with performers through chats, emobees, stickers, sounds, etc. Try them!

Create a Watch Party for group viewing with friends during live events

Multiple artists joining for live performances

Join your favourite artist/celebrity during a live show

Cast your program onto your smart TV for a jumbo viewing experience


Review and share events with your friends

Play live games with attractive rewards

Make a special request with your favourite celebrities

Order that popcorn or food and beverages through the app so you don’t have to move too many muscles

Watch Live-streaming of physical big and small events (even ones such as comedy nights in your neighbourhood bar.) Now you don’t have to travel or fight over overpriced passes to enjoy these events!

Emobees Story

Off course, being entertained is hard work so, as a tribute to those Rolling Couchers who are “Hardly working”, Rolling Couch would like to present a new set of emojis we’re calling it Emobees!

Emobees logo

SAID THE ROLLING COUCHER (WHEN ASKED IF HE WAS FREE)... Don’t ask moron question. We very busy peoples. Busy watching the busyness of entertainment. This job not easy. Full time job. We have to not taking break. We have to not taking the eye from the screen. We have to not distraction. We have to clapping and whistling

the performer whenever they does super job. We have to laugh with belly ache. We have to cry with eye tears. Even though this job taking much my time and many my effort, I’m dedication to it. Full focus. Full passion. Full time. How can I being free? Moron question.




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